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We want to create games that people find memorable and have fun playing.


Seeing others accomplish something amazing gives us the inspiration and confidence to achieve amazing things ourselves. We're hoping we can help inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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It is only through effort that you will achieve success. Creating goals is the first step but the most important thing is to get busy and just do it. Believe in yourself, have the strength to overcome obstacles and you will achieve what you set out to do.

Nviro Games

Nviro Games was founded in 2015 with the purpose of making fun games for mobile platforms. We're hoping to create experiences that bring enjoyment to people's lives. But there is a stronger purpose to our mission. Our eventual goal is to create fun games that also raise awareness to environmental issues. We haven't gotten there yet, but one day we hope that's where our path leads us. That's why we called our studio Nviro Games, so that we never forget where our deeper journey is destined to go.

Nviro Games was created by Kevin Chorney, a games industry veteran who has previously worked at Electronic Arts developing titles such as FIFA Football (or FIFA Soccer, whichever your heart desires), Need For Speed, FaceBreaker, NBA Live, NBA Street, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Pogo Island and EA SPORTS Active. He also developed Spy Wars for Hothead Games in his transition towards mobile games.

Jet Force Hero, and its predecessor Jet Stream Fighter, was the result of jumping into Unity 3D to see what could be accomplished by an Indie studio. With a lot of hard work, perseverance and Google searching, we were amazed at the power that was placed in our hands. So if we could do it, we know others with a strong vision, a lot of passion and a heap of determination can do it too.

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Enjoy Life

Make the most of the opportunities presented to you and remember to enjoy the journey. These opportunities are only limited by your willingness to try new things.


As you can see, we like to have fun. We're not just thrill-seekers, but people that want to enjoy life to the fullest. Vancouver is a great place to live because it provides an endless source of inspiration.

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